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Oakley Cleaning is one of the leading soft-wash cleaning companies in the south of England. Through the use of experienced, competent and trained personnel, we are your first source of building cleaning solutions, since we have been cleaning the South's buildings since the beginning of trade in 1998. We can clean all buildings up to 50' from the ground and, if necessary, we can clean up to 100' + from the ground with M.E.W.P. (Mobile Elevated Working Platforms), as we are I.P.A.F. and C.H.A.S. accredited. This means we are qualified, experienced and competent in the use of cherry pickers and other high access machinery including scissor lifts and mobile access booms.


Softwashing is a cleaning procedure that removes organic growth and environmental buildup from building exterior, which may have accumulated over time. Unlike pressure washing systems which utilise a high pressure water supply to tackle tough grime and dirt, a softwash system uses a chemical solution to remove Biofilms on exterior surfaces. A Biofilm consists of a group of microorganisms which often stick to exterior surfaces. They can form on living or non-living surfaces. Examples of Biofilm are algae, lichen and mould. These organic nuisances are eradicated by applying something called a biocide to their exterior, which is a chemical substance or microorganism that kills or controls the growth of living organisms. Soft washing is so named to easily differentiate it from the often used powerful process of Jet, Power or Pressure washing.


Soft washing is a safe and very effective low pressure cleaning system which means it is possible to clean and restore roofs, walls, render, drives, patio and most hard surfaces from the safety of the ground, a platform, scaffold tower or cherry picker, using low pressure cleaning equipment instead of pressure washers. It is used to deal directly with the root cause of organic staining on building surfaces and is likened to a pest control rather than a cleaning process.


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