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There's no doubt that first impressions count - with that in mind you've come to the right place.

Oakley Cleaning are one of the South's leading building and cladding cleaning companies to commercial outlets. We have been cleaning the Souths buildings since we began trading in 1998. With fully experienced, competent and trained staff we are your number one source for building cleaning solutions.

We are able to clean all buildings up to 50' in height from the ground and where required as we are I.P.A.F. and C.H.A.S. accredited we can clean up to 100'+ from the ground using M.E.W.P's (Mobile Elevated Working Platforms). This means we are qualified, experienced and competent in the use of cherry pickers and other high access machinery such as scissor lifts and mobile access booms.

FREE: 0800 6696395 – O: 01256 782060 – M: 07944 431670

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HEAD OFFICE (Oakley Cleaning),

Hill Road, Oakley, HANTS, RG23 7HR

Office 01256 782060 Free 0800 6696395 Mob 07944 431670

Oakley Cleaning - Pressure Washing in Basingstoke

Office: ‌01256 782060 – Free: ‌0800 6696395 – Mob: ‌07944 431670

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